Feature wall in my new studio

Gavin Hammond


After all the decorating to make my new studio feel like a relaxing place to work. I find myself covering the entire wall with my paintings. I decided to make one of the walls a feature wall hanging paintings that will make me happy.

It's nice to see my paintings up on a wall instead of just standing on the floor looking sorry for themselves. I will be regularly changing the paintings on the wall keeping it fresh and keeping myself motivated that i am doing good work.

Three paintings from my summer trips to High and Low force to remind me that you don't have to travel far to find natural beauty.

The Angel of the North and Newcastle city centre just because its where i live.

Iceland Viking House because I loved that little country so much It's an absolute pleasure to be reminded of my trip.

Highland Wildlife Park polar bears because it's a place that I've visited so many times now I've lost count and every time we visit my wife smile just gets bigger and bigger.

The boat on the water was a 5 minute painting i ddid just because i had a lot of paint left on my pallet and i wanted to see what could be created in a short amount of time without even thinking.

My feature wall has been filled with paintings that make me happy by just hanging there. I hope my feature wall can make others feel the happiness and love that has went into it also.