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While brain storming with a friend about how I'm going to get my artwork onto products without it costing my a fortune we had the bright idea that i could purchase my own printing press and do it all myself. So in my excitement I splashed out on a mug, plate, cap and textile press and printer ££££ and hey presto i'm a printer. Unfortunately I have never printed products before. So I bought the cheapest mugs I could get my hands on and nothing! The whole thing doesn't work! At thes point I realised you have to use the special coated mugs for the ink to bind. Doh! First few attempts at printing on the paper and pressing some mugs were very unsuccessful to say the least. Then with each batch of test mugs adjusting the time and temperature they got better and better. Nailed it! Then I tried a shoulder bag and a cushion cover.... Doh! Again I'm no printer. So I tried printing on some treated for printing metal sheets and Woohoo! I'm a printer again.

So we currently have mugs and printed metal sheets for sale and ready for printing. My textile printing needs a lot of practice and will be coming soon once i'm more competent.


Deers painting on an aluminium sheet. Looks very nice 


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