Starting a painting

Gavin Hammond

I'm now starting to get back into the grove having painted my first painting for two years. I still just want to paint no strategy or plan. My first on my return was a simple painting that was easy but creative. This painting will be the same.

Starting with a white canvas I painted the whole thing black, not sure why but I did.

I waited for it to dry then painted some clouds. With the dark background I decided it should be night time (obviously) so I decided to paint a moon. Orange jumped out at me so I painted an orange moon.

Then looking at the bottom of the canvas I painted some grass banks and a path. Some hills in the back ground trying to remember that it’s a night time painting.

I just followed my instincts instead of following any set rule, this is a different way of painting for me so I’ll have to wait and see where I end up.

I think as the painting goes on I would have preferred a daytime painting though.

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