Painting Hogwarts

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For Christmas 2015 my wife bought me a very large

152cm x 122cm canvas to paint on. My decision to make was what to paint on my new prized possession.

I had been to Harry Potter World in the summer and a picture of the large Hogwarts model from a near perfect angle for the painting.

So I started sketching on the large canvas on a scale that I had never before. The building itself was easy as I had the photo I’d taken and felt I’d gotten the scale and range correct. But deciding the scenery around the building was the difficult part.

I painted the building in my own style as usual and tried to add detail without overdoing the detail as I like the shapes and strokes rather than the intricate details.

Hogwarts always reminds me of winter a the winter scenes in the movies stand out more than any other. So I made the scenery covered in snow. I added Hagrids house and painted Hedwig in the sky. I painted Harry, Ron, Hermione and Hagrid standing next to the house. The sky was painted dark and stormy as to reflect the dark times at Hogwarts. This was my interpretation of Harry Potter and Hogwarts.

Hagrids home


Stormy sky 

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