Painting for this years Christmas cards

Gavin Hammond acrylic painting Christmas christmas card Christmas mug christmas painting gateshead artist gavham Gavham art original painting Painting Santa Claus

This weekend I have been painting my design for this years Christmas card. Having not painted for two years I only wanted to paint something quick but effective.

Painting a titanium white circle in the middle then using a lemon yellow, cerulean blue and crimson red in circles around the moon I created the moon and night sky. More red at the bottom and more of a purple at the top with a green glow around the moon.

I didn’t make any real decision on this layout, it’s just what felt right while I painted.

I then splashed titanium white to make stars or snowfall I hadn’t decided yet. I mixed in some black to make grey spots on the moon surface, I didn’t want it to be realistic in anyway jot so when you saw it you knew what it was.

Then in black I painted Santa on his sled with attached reindeer and a magic trail left in the sky.

I splashed a bit more white to see if I liked snow or stars. I then painted some scenery along the bottom a silhouette of London and Newcastle with a house in the bottom right corner for Santa’s landing house.

I then decided I wanted to have stars rather than snow so painted over any excess snow and the painting was done.

I then added some gold to the magic trail left behind the reindeer and sled. Painting finished.

I started with 4 colours and no idea what I was going to create. It’s a very quick and basic painting in the end but it does all it needs to and will be made into Christmas cards and products that I am pleased with.

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