Painting Angkor Wat

Gavin Hammond acrylic painting Angkor Wat original painting temple painting

In 2012 I visited Cambodia. It was a spiritual journey through the country from Phnom Penh to Siem Reap. A trip of unspeakable horrors to the most beautiful sites.

The highlight of the trip was the beautiful, majestic Angkor Wat. The largest religious temple in the world. 

On a bright sunny day with the most perfect blue sky. I found the perfect spot where the temples reflection shimmered in the water and the inspiration was complete.

This was what I ended up with. Obviously in my own style.

It was one of my first paintings. The reflections in the water was what made this the perfect angle for me. The small splashes of colour from the red lilies on the water to the yellow on the grass. The scale of the building to its beautiful reflections, every inch of the painting was special. The time spent painting it was one of my favourite to paint.

This painting was taken by a good friend who has it pride of place in his home.

it looks beautiful printed on products, and as a print.

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