My 3rd studio

Gavin Hammond gateshead artist gavham new studio Painting soapstone sculpture stone sculpture

I’ve been away from art for about a year after totally renovating a my new home.

My wife and I bought a new home, sold our old one and were about to move in when we realised there was a lot of work to be done on the house. As we did more work, more work needed done.

We stripped the house back to brick redone all the plumbing, electrical, knocked down walls rebuilt walls, fitted a loft conversion, move the bathroom, fitted new kitchen and bathroom, plastered every wall all new furniture and carpets. This has left me without any money so I have to work very hard for the next 100 years or so.

So I now have a new studio in my loft. The space has lots of room in a part of the house where I can get away from everything and everyone and create. Hopefully create some new paintings or sculptures. I am spending more and more time in there and I’m starting to get the feel for the space.

Hopefully I will have some new content to share.

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