Mental block, block of stone

Gavin Hammond


Having not carved any stone for at least five years my heart is yearning to carve something again.

During my network artist exhibition last year I got really good feedback on the stone carvings. This has brought back the wanting to carve again.

I set up the tools and sculpting trestle picked a nice heavy piece of stone with what looks like nice sediment lines through it.

Good to go..... Yes?........ No!

What shall I carve? Do I want to carve a beautiful shape with beautiful lines? Do I want to carve some animal? Do I want to carve someone? Do I want detailed? Do I want smooth sweeping? Do I just start and see where I end up? Do I plan a project and follow that plan? 

So many options running through my head and no idea what, where or how I’m going to start.

My style of doing things is to just start and see where I end up but something more structured would probably be a better way.

I don’t know????

One thing I do know is this will be a journey that could have a happy ending or just a pile of dust.


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