How to paint with acrylics with no training, Part one choosing a subject

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Do you need training to paint? No! Not at all!

In my short time of painting I find pride in the fact that what I put onto canvas is me not what someone else has told me to do. It's my interpretation of what is in front of me or what my mind has pieced together and my hands have put on the canvas. If my cloud looks like white splodge then thats my white splodge why paint like any other painter when i can be my own.


First of all you need to know what you are going to paint.

I have painted so many paintings that i loose interest in halfway through and find it a struggle to complete. Choose a subject that will interest you. Don't paint a fish if you prefer birds, Its common sense and the hunger and excitement for the painting is there all the more.

I am going to choose a Christmas picture for my painting in preparation my cards this year. I want it to be something to do with my home town of Gateshead and something very Christmassy.

First i chose the Angel of the North in a winter setting. A major landmark of the town and a scene I've painted before and have been happy with.

I can easily paint this scene but its a winter scene and not really a Christmas scene so in my mind i'm adding an over the top tree to add something warm and colourful to the scene.

There you go an easy idea of an over the top Christmas tree thats going to be super imposed onto the picture of the angel.

I have now already built an image in my mind of what the painting is going to look like. It will be night time with a silhouette of the Angel on a snowy hill with an over the top brightly lit tree on the bottom right side. 

I can even add a Santa, Sleigh silhouette across the sky.

So I now have my vision using these images as ideas i can complete in my head how the painting is going to look. Next i will choose my canvas, It's size and how I'm going to get scale and placement.



Gavham (Gavin Hammond)


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