Golden Eagle original painting, thanks to Spring Watch.

Gavin Hammond

Sitting with my wife on a beautiful spring evening. We decided to watch Spring Watch on the BBC as we do every year (when we realise it's on). Both of us being animal lovers its the perfect TV program for us.

The usual wildlife being shown from birds, squirrels, deer, moths, insects and then there was a beautiful golden eagle chick. The chick was rather ungainly looking and looked nothing like the beautiful creature it was going to become.

The parents looked so beautiful and majestic it was so my favourite bird in an instant. So how can someone like me who has never seen never mind painted a golden eagle? I like to have at least taken the photo of what I'm about to paint but i'm not really going to get a chance to take a photo for myself. So i took a photo of the TV of the bird flying, nearly the same thing. I created the landscape and skyline myself but painted the bird off TV.

I loved painting it so much, It's one of my paintings that I can stare into and totally loose myself into a daydream of country living and open spaces. I love the eye, I don't know why but I feel like the birds essence is captured in it.

So thanks Spring Watch I your inspiration has inspired one of my favourite creations ever.


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