About the Artist

Gavham is Gavin Hammond a self taught painter and sculptor from Gateshead in northeast England.

In 2012 after having a hernia operation I needed something to do with my time while I was off work. I was not creative in anyway but I decided that I was going to paint a picture without ever having painted before. I got some cheap brushes, canvas and acrylic paint set and painted My Wife at Graceland and was hooked.  

I then decided to try and carve stone and bought a stone carving set from eBay and without ever doing anything like this before found that I could and that I enjoyed doing it.

I take great pride in the fact that i went from never being a creative person to being a self taught artist. All that you see on this site is all me and my interpretation of what i see. None of what I create has been corrupted by anything else but me and you are seeing an emotion that i never thought I had. I am very happy to share with you a part of me, I hope you like my work, I enjoyed making it.